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About Our Company

Sampo Trading Company is a co-creation supply partner for global retailers.

We operate as a platform services company focused on serving fashion buyers, by offering a suite of sourcing and manufacturing services that range from strategy, product selection, design collaboration, product development, material procurement, manufacturing, and testing.

With our data-supported design and development, industrialized craftsmanship standards, and a lean manufacturing system, we've grown as a well-recognized jewelry manufacturer. By building off this foundation, we ventured into adjacent categories where we have a competitive advantage. Our core capability is in handicraft manufacturing, but we leverage our deep know-how in product control, quality assurance, and cross-border trading to serve customers in new and improved ways.

Why and How We Work

Our Vision

To excel forward as the industry-leading company with the best talent and operations, providing joy to our customers and our members.

Our Mission

To produce quality products on timely delivery at competitive costs with outstanding service and genuine sustainability.

Our Principles


Operate with accountability, speed, and a standard of excellence.


Work as a team by building trust through transparency, empathy, and integrity.

Push the boundaries of traditional know-how.




staff strong at full in-house capacity

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