Our Process

We view our process from a value-based lens to ensure maximum delivery of value defined by our customers. By mapping and revisiting our value chain and product journey, we continuously optimize development and production systems to best-suit our customers targets. Please enjoy the introductory video below. 

Design & Development process:

While we start with traditional fashion forecasting, we go distant lengths using data, insights, and feedback to profile our buyer’s end customer and translate the coveted trends into a wide range of jewelry and accessories to make newest trends as accessible as possible.


Our robust team of designers and developers create seasonal collections and regular samples based on our buyers target customer and any provided aesthetic direction. We give customers access to the most complete assortment of thrilling new jewelry and accessories as well as updated basics, and empower them to select sustainably crafted items. Whether the end consumer is traditionalist, minimalist, maximalist, or wild experimentalist, our customers can rely on discovering or co-creating what they want with Sampo.



Our Manufacturing process:

After the design collaboration stage, we enter into our production system and begin our manufacturing process to achieve design vision and timelines, allowing us to bring new styles at world-class speeds. To ensure the operational and quality benefits of in-house production, we keep all manufacturing processes within Sampo. In addition to third-parties, we handle extensive product QA measures at our own chemical testing labs and filter points.



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