Our System

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Our Production Flow

The “Sampo Way” is built upon a data-driven system led by process standardization and skilled craftsmanship.


Although production is a highly human-oriented process, heavily reliant on judgment and skill, Sampo embraces continuous improvement through process engineering and staff development.


Since 2009, we adopted a QA system more advanced than simple QC. We ensure quality and speed by assigning a skilled manager to each process and to analyze efficiency at a granular level.


In 2019, Sampo upgraded the QMS to optimize for better operational transparency and data-driven decision-making.


Based on expertise and years of analyses, we implemented

key steps to prevent issues at the highest risk stages: material sourcing, gluing, and plating.


To minimize defect potential, we conduct upfront risk analysis but also exercise a protocol that alerts tighter filtering at these riskier junctions. With systematic documentation, we are enabled to pro-actively combine expertise with useful data to execute thoughtful, measurable corrective actions.


And by keeping all aspects of production in-house, with an initial, in-line, and final inspection, we ensure quality consistency.





"Small improvements lead to BIG results"

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